November Party is a Post-Punk gothic synthpop band, formed in 2011 by vocalist/guitarist Dorian James (Anodyne X, Dorian James Band) and bassist Peter N. (The Dirge Carolers, Dorian James Band).    Their intent is to produce original synth-heavy music in the vein of New Wave acts such as the Psychedelic Furs and Depeche Mode, while staying true to their stringed-instrument roots and the gothic overtones for which they are known.

In 2014, Dorian and Peter were joined by the legendary Mike Rebeiro, who adds additional layers of guitar and solidifies the impression of such influences as the Chameleons, the Cure, and the Smiths. 

A short demo EP was released in time for the 2014 Whalie Awards, where the band was nominated in best alternative.  A more fully produced full length album will follow within the year.

In November Party’s  relatively  short existence, they have shared the stage with Bella Morte, Bitter Grace, The Evil Streaks, Baby Oil,  The Dirge Carolers, and Graveside Service, and will be joining the Italian gothic band The Spiritual Bat on the New Haven leg of their US tour this summer.